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The past

Over 15 years ago the concept of an online, fully searchable, library of boiler manuals was born and we started receiving membership applications late 2004 and went live officially January 2005.

However during that time it was inevitable that the concept would change and the need to source older and older manuals would decline.

Time has passed and we truly went from strength to strength. It was however obvious the end would eventually come for The Manuals Library. Unfortunately that time is always getting closer with those that run it getting older as the years roll by!

We can claim to be the first of its kind and then copied by others.

and The Future

The Manuals Library will be here for some time yet! However the structure will change from January 2019.

The Library owes its success to the many members, current and those that have come and gone over the years. Many leaving simply because they themselves have retired.

The plan is that everyone that has contributed to The Manuals Library will, from January 1st 2019 have their memberships converted to 'Lifetime' status either automatically or (and remember we have never carried out major status changes such as this before!) with a little bit of, manual, help from this end.

One facility that will be going is the 'Request a Manual'. The 'Help' facility will remain but as always we can only give help relating to accessing the site and its contents. We have never given technical advise regarding boiler repairs.

To start with those who pay annually may need to renew as before BUT there will be no payment option. You will just need to renew using your currently used logon details. There will be no facility for new people to join up.

Those with AutoRenew in operation please to begin with, to ensure you do not have any period of not being able to gain access, please go ahead with the renewal payment and we will refund any payments made using WorldPay. This will only be until we can get all AutoRenew agreements canceled and converted to Lifetime membership (Once your agreement is canceled you should get an email from WorldPay to confirm we have canceled your agreement and no further payments will be charged to your card.).

The new NO MORE PAYMENTS policy will officially begin January 1st next year however we will arrange for any payments made from December 1st this year to be refunded.

Those with expired accounts will be able continue to access The Manuals Library but they will need to log into the system using their EXISTING credentials and reactivate their account by completing the renewal form. No payments will be required.

This is our way of saying Thank you to all members who have supported us over the years.