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What is The Manuals Library?

The Manuals Library is an online resource containing:

Installation & Servicing Manuals covering literally thousands of central heating boilers, water heaters and Unvented cylinders from 164 manufacturers.

Training manuals for many models

Wiring diagrams covering various installation configurations

Programmers, Thermostats Motorised Valves

All the manuals can be viewed, or downloaded and printed, using any Desktop computer, Laptop or virtually any mobile device whilst mobile and out and about

How does it work?


Search for wanted manual using either the QuickSearch facility (left) or, for a more advanced search select 'The Manuals' on the top navigation bar.


Click the model identifier for the model you are looking for.


Members will be asked to log in and 'Save/Open' download box will appear whilst non members given the opportunity to join.

It really is that simple
                         - as easy as 1 2 3

How much does it cost


The first year.


Subsequent years with 10% discount provided membership is renewed prior to expiry.


Renewal if payments are made using our AutoRenew system.

What do I get?


Access to the largest, and the original, independent online manuals library.


Unlimited downloads with NO daily limits. We keep no records of what any individual views or downloads.


Membership of a library with a constantly expanding range of both manufacturers and models.


Constant access to manuals covering Gas (including LPG), Oil, solid fuel and electric boilers, water heaters cookers fires.


Search for manuals based on manufacturer, model identifier or, in the case of gas, by G.C. Number.


We are proactive in sourcing more and more manuals but, with the best will in the world, we sometimes miss a few. Fill in a request form and we will do everything in our power to source it.


Automated membership application that gives virtual instant access and using a payment system that gives 100% security and privacy.


Support when ever you need it to help with access or downloading problems.

What has changed?

  • Additional subscription rate. Renew while current subscription and receive discounted renewal.
    Renewal starts from expiry date of existing subscription.

  • Many of the pages now have link to context related help.
    Look for the [Help] link on the pages blue title bar

  • You now click on actual wanted manual in results table rather than a 'Download' link.

  • Downloaded file now has a more relivant filename. Normally related to model searched for.
    Because it will be possible to download individual sections of the manuals shortly the file name indicates what part has been downloaded. Currently #COM is added indicating complete manual.

  • Many new help pages have been added

  • Main 'Help & Information' page displays current, and past months, status of the site.
    This is continually update in real time every 5 minutes.