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*** Safety Notice ***

Alert 10


The on-going quality assurance programme has shown that there is a safety issue which, in extreme cases, is potentially dangerous. A small modification needs to be made to ensure the long term safety and performance of the product.

As responsible manufacturers, Range Powermax are taking this action to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

To identify whether your Powermax boiler requires modification please check if the number 135 appears on the front control panel of the boiler and if the word Range is preceded by three letters, namely IMI.

If you have a Powermax 135 boiler and have not been previously contacted, please ring our FREEPHONE SERVICE LINE.

This announcement does not refer to any current Range Powermax product. i.e. models 155, 157 and 185 are unaffected by this announcement.

RANGE POWERMAX apologies to customers for any inconvenience.

(Published in the national press on the 5 September 1999)

Updated telephone number as Potterton Boilers have taken over the Range IME Company. Please contact Potterton Boilers on telephone: 0870 6060955
(Ammended 7 June 2002)

Source: London Fire Brigade      Dated: 5/9/1999

Models included within this safety alert.

Models G.C. No.
Powermax 135 41 389 01